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will address the united nations general assembly. he's expected the say action at the u. n. is not the way for palestine to be recognized as an independence state. friday. they are formally expected to apply for a seat at the united nations. today the president will meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. it's heated on both sides. [ speaking foreign language ] >> we tell the entire world peace has only one way and that's justice, freedom and independence to the arab and palestinian nations. >> solution is in one place only at a peace table. you sit down and you negotiate. >> israeli prime minister left israel this morning and he'll be in new york as well later this week he will also meet with president obama and address the united nations. >>> two months after an arlington county prefer was hurt in an early -- police officer was hurt in an early morning car crash, police have made an arrest in the case. they arrested 21-year-old katherine grace kron. she's charged with dui. we told you about this when it happened july 20th. police say the car driven by kron collided with a patrol car
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1